Quality Heart Treatment in India for Zimbabwe Nationals at Affordable Cost


Worldwide, Cardiovascular diseases (CVDs) are at the forefront in the list of killer diseases. CVDs are those life threatening health issues that majorly affect the harmonious functioning of the heart. These problems like Coronary Artery Disease, Heart Attack, Pericardial Disease, Heart Vessel Disease and many other such issues need urgent attention and can lead to fatal results.

CVDs are quite rampant in developing countries like Zimbabwe because of lack of awareness, access to quality Cardiac cure, misconceptions, insufficiency of Cardiac specialists and many other such reasons. This is why the Zimbabweans heart patients have to go beyond the borders of their country to look for better options. This is where India has been serving very efficiently to these Zimbabwe patients.

Cardiac Surgery Procedures 

There are many Cardiac diseases and each one of these requires different Cardiac surgeries. In India, all types of heart procedures are performed with a very high success rate. The Indian heart hospitals are doing a very commendable job by taking care of innumerable medical tourists affected by heart diseases. The services offered by these heart hospitals have been very advantageous for the Zimbabwe heart patients, giving a huge push to medical tourism to India from Zimbabwe. Some of the most modern Cardiac procedures done in India are Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting (CABG), Heart Valve Repair or Replacement, Heart Transplant, Angioplasty and many other advanced heart surgeries.

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Affordable Heart Surgery in India

The India Cardiac hospitals are globally accredited and recognized for being some of the most progressive and equipped hospitals. But another attention drawing factor that has augmented medical tourism to India from Zimbabwe is the availability of affordable heart surgery in India. Cardiac procedures are very expensive but India still offers affordable Cardiac treatment to the Zimbabwe patients. The Heart Bypass procedure is priced $7,900 in India whereas it costs a whopping $1,23,000 in USA. Also, Angioplasty costs $5,700 in India and $28,200 in USA.

Services provided by India Cardiac Surgery Site for Zimbabwe Nationals

• With us the Zimbabwe Nationals can easily access the best Cardiac hospitals of India

• We make sure that the Zimbabweans are offered affordable heart surgery in India• We provide customized Cardiac cure options for the Zimbabwe heart patients for a happy and satisfactory experience

• Our efforts are to maintain a steady rise in medical tourism to India from Zimbabwe

• We have well trained staff who provide round the clock assistance to the Zimbabwe Nationals so that the visa process is smooth enough for the patients

• In order to overcome any language difficulties, we can help the Zimbabwe Nationals by arranging for translators

• We put our best foot forward to meet all the requirements of the Zimbabwe citizens so that their health tour to India is most successful

• We have the best follow up facilities so that there are no hindrances in the follow ups ensuring total recovery


Today, with such attractive Cardiac cure options available in India, the Indian hospitals are very rewarding for the Zimbabwe heart patients. Indian hospitals have made affordable heart surgery in India successful and easily accessible for the Zimbabwe Nationals. This is what has pushed medical tourism to India from Zimbabwe.

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Get fast track low cost of surgery in India by contacting India Cardiac Surgery Site by sending your query on our Email ID : enquiry@indiacardiacsurgerysite.com or call us at 91-9370586696.

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Special Surgery Cost Benefits to Zimbabwe Patients for Cardiac Surgery in India

NF-Cardiovascular-Disease-prevention11 copyIntroductionIntroduction

The Cardiovascular system is responsible for supplying oxygen, hormones and nutrients throughout the body and gets power from our body’s largest working organs, which is the Heart. Heart diseases or Cardiovascular diseases (CVDs) include a range of medical conditions that distress the structure and harmonious functioning of the Heart.

These conditions are:

  • Coronary Artery Disease (narrows down the arteries)
  •  Heart Attack
  •  Heart Failure
  • Heart Valve Disease
  • Heart Muscle Disease also referred to as Cardiomyopathy
  •  Pericardial Disease
  • Aorta Disease
  • Congenital Heart Disease
  • Abnormal Heart Rhythms also known as Arrhythmias
  • Vascular Disease (Heart Vessel Disease)

Although the above mentioned CVDs are quite rampant worldwide, these Heart ailments are especially creating havoc in the developing countries like Zimbabwe. There are innumerable examples of Zimbabweans getting successfully relieved from their Heart diseases in Indian hospitals. No wonder, every year India sees flocks of Zimbabweans visiting India and that is why medical tourism to India from Zimbabwe is flourishing.

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Special Discounts for Zimbabwe Patients in India

The healthcare system of Zimbabwe has not much of healthcare facilities available. The healthcare centers, hospitals, medical personnel and diagnostics centers are not equipped and competent enough to meet and satisfy the needs of the ailing Zambian population. Also, the available infrastructure is not quite easy on the pockets. They are looking for hospitals that offer special surgery cost benefits to Zimbabwe patients. Owing to these critical deficits, the Zimbabwean population is obviously looking for better treatment options outside their country.

This is where India comes into the picture. India has some of the best Cardiac hospitals and Cardiac surgeons, who are highly qualifies, have years of experience and expertise to deal with the most complex Heart condition. This is a key reason why medical tourism to India from Zimbabwe has been gaining momentum with every passing year. Another major reason that is very satisfying for the Zimbabwe Nationals is the special surgery cost benefits to Zimbabwe patients, which the India hospitals offer. For example, the cost of Heart Bypass in USA is $1,44,000 but it in India it is only $5,200, also the cost of Heat Valve Replacement is around $1,70,000 is USA but in India it can be done in $5,500. This huge cost difference plays a major role in giving a positive boost to medical tourism to India from Zimbabwe.

Best Medical Facilitator in India – Cardiac Surgery India Consultants & Services

Over the years, India has become a very lucrative option for medical tourism destination. Several Zimbabwe patients wanting to undergo cure for Cardiac ailments are enjoying individualized care and best medical attention at the Indian Cardiac hospitals. Medical tourism to India from Zimbabwe has witnessed a rapid rise; thanks to the special surgery cost benefits to Zimbabweans patients. Further, these benefits are accessible easily and that too there is never any compromise in the quality. We, at Indian Cardiac Surgery Services can assist the Zimbabwe patients to avail these benefits as per your requirements.

Some of the reasons why the Zimbabwe Nationals should opt for us:

  • Our priority is the well being of the Zimbabwe patients and so we guide them about the top Cardiac surgery hospital and the array of treatment options available for them
  • We make them the Zimbabwe nationals aware about the available special surgery  cost benefits to Zimbabwe patients 
  • We offer tailor made medical treatment options for Zimbabwe patients so that they meet the expectations of the Zimbabwe patients
  • We maintain the highest level of ethics and transparency so that our efforts keep giving a positive push to medical tourism to India from Zimbabwe
  • Our 24*7 staff is there with the best assistance services to help the Zimbabwe Nationals in receiving easy medical visa from Zimbabwe to India
  • We also can arrange for expert translators to overcome any language barriers
  • We do our best to satisfy all the needs of the Zimbabwe Nationals, throughout their medical tour to India – from the moment of their arrival till their complete recovery
  • We are equipped with the best follow up services so that there is no interruptions in the follow up phase


It is known fact today that there are hardly a few countries that are at par in providing the level of services, which India is efficiently delivering to so many Zimbabwe patients. That’s why India is increasingly becoming the most preferred treatment destination with a span of progressive Cardiac treatment options, accessible to Zimbabwe Nationals.

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